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micro hydro power

thesas diy fused filament micro hydro turbine is designed to work with a X8308S brush-less motor as generator. Beside the motor and the filament standard stainless steel screws (DIN 912), nuts and o-ring seals are needed to build the turbine. A bit less common, but always standard DIN 912 screws, are used for the wheel axis and the nozzle 2x M8x120, for the main housing 4x M5x80 and for the motor housing 8x M4x60. Bearings for the wheel axis are standard 8x22x7 bearings, they should be really water resistant e.g. ceramic or plastic (i had rust problems with stainless steel bearings). It is also important to treat all parts, especially the spoons and the nozzle parts with a good water resistant coating.

You cad download the stl files by clicking on the corresponding picture here below: